The Most Used Kitchen Appliances

Most Used Kitchen Gadgets It is the New Year which always means new ideas, new thoughts, and new resolutions. I am naturally a rather disorganized free spirit, but like the consistency of a Type-A nature. So year after year I have written out goals for myself. Not just your average goals. O no. These are unusual goals that get measured, consistently, every six weeks until the end of the year. What, you ask, were some of these?

Remember to put the wash into the dryer.

Keeping my phone closer by me (read free spirit=no phones…)

Learn how to cook. Or at least open a jar of something.

Now, if you are have resolved the last goal (or to be healthy, save money, go gluten-free, whatever), have no fear your list is here! These are, hands down, the most used appliances, gadgets, or other do-dads in my kitchen!

  1. Vitamix: Now, this list is by no means in a ranking order. Except for this little item. Oh, I love my vitamix and I greet it every morning with a smile and a hug (well, maybe not, but you get the point). I literally use it multiple times a day for everything.  Soups, frappachinos, nut butters, grinding herbs, whatever. It is totally worth the price!
  2. Slow Cooker: Let me tell you right now, this was a close second to the Vitamix! Just go ahead and spend the few extra dollars and get the 7-8qT cooker. You see, there is this beautiful little thing called leftovers. And boy do we love them at my house.
  3. Popcorn Machine: Yes, yes. This did make the top list. Air popped popcorn is actually healthy for you; there is nothing like knowing the exact ingredients going into your body!
  4. Rice Cooker: When I got married this was not on our registry. But, a kind couple gave us one, swearing by it. I want to go back now and give them hug-upon-hug-upon-hug! Rice is now made often in our house. Its healthy, nutritious, and cost-effective (all resolutions rolled into one!)
  5. Frother: I love my lattes, but don’t love the big cost or tons of sugar from the store bought ones. This little gadget allows for me to have my afternoon break with a chai tea latte in hand!
  6. Silicone Baking Mat: The Clean Eating Breakfast cookies would not be made without it. Easy cleanup for tired hands.
  7. A Good Knife: If the budget doesn’t allow for a good set of knives, having just one sharp chef knife will make all the difference. It’s amazing how the frustration level in the kitchen drops as the knife sharpness increases.
  8. Sturdy Ice Cube Trays: Strange yes. But, in reality I freeze a great deal of things around the kitchen. (Coffee for frappachinos, leftover kale/spinach for green smoothies, fresh herbs in oil). These really do come in handy. And cost-effective. Score!
  9. Garlic Press: Garlic is used is most of my cooking and having this little press makes the tedious times of cutting up garlic a thing of the past!

 Here’s to a happy and healthy new year!


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